Ignore Gangstalkers Ignore GangstalkersAlso, it could be that a religion is actually true, and the TI has that religion. Forget you have the ability to recognize it in your life. Gang Stalking, also known as Community Stalking, Cause Stalking or Stalking-by-Proxy is the nomenclature used to describe the various techniques deliberately used against individuals with various nefarious intentions. Interestingly, the definition of who can be one varies from state to state, even county to county. “Confessions of a Gang Stalker” AKA Life in the Syndicate. They are definitely not the happiest bunch of people from my experience. Be careful who you trust on your thread sweetheart. Gang stalking is a spreading illegal activity in The United States and other countries which involves covert harassment, illegal surveillance, illegal wiretapping, cyber crime, illegal entry, all types of stalking, slander, and many other tactics to destroy the targeted individual's life (The TI). Erotomania is the strong, but mistaken, belief that the stalker's object is in love with the stalker. a shielding method that can be proven to prevent this from happening could be studied and potentially prove gangstalking to be a. Every device you own is hacked so they'll know where and when you move. Phenomenology of Group Stalking (‘Gang. It’s called “human trafficking” and/or “gang stalking. Of persons who are stalked, it is estimated that 30-50 percent contact the police about the stalking. These are some of the biggest pussbags on the planet. I discovered a new youtube video by Bryan Kofron. Gangstalkers are following orders, or being forced want to feel important are just mentally sick they can only feed off negative emotions (hence why you should make them starve to death) was born into this phenomenon And I agree with the other points you made. We can be free, but we can only do this through our Lord Jesus Christ. Electronic harassment is another sort of mind control. Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software to scan your computer for viruses and spyware. Unwanted or Inappropriate Gifts. Prayer to destroy the plan of enemies. These methods differ slightly by region and lifestyle. Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise v2k or voice to skull if a real thing and not some hallucination the mind can't make these kinds of voices up. Plan an escape route in case the stalker enters your home, or which streets to use if. Organized stalking is a PsyOps (Psychological Warfare), harassment, and torture campaign where an individual or individuals (who are called a Targeted Individual) are "covertly", as publicly acknowledged by society, surveilled and harassed by a criminal network group of stalkers and harassers; the act is considered. Michael Jackson Gangstalking. Having said that, I agree fully and completely that most of what the stalkers do can and should be ignored but, there are a number of situations in which it is perfectly appropriate to set boundaries and push back against the stalkers. Drivers are more stablished economically but have lots of time on their hands which makes me think. At their core they’re all spineless cowards who are in spiritual bondage to a death cult and will do anything their masters say. You have to ignore them Gangstalkers. they are getting life force by bullying you, they are psychically feeding on you, literally. #wang #gangstalker #interrupts #freestyle #almost #gets #wig #split #views #months #ago. Then they either give me an angry look or a smirk. Circle your route a few times to see if he’s following you or lurking about your house (if so, go straight to the police station). If you ignore these tough realities about getting older, your golden years can end up gloomier than you were hoping. Be there any greater power, they will one day soon be exposed for the sociopathic monsters. I have learned that no one really pays attention to the things I do except, maybe the gangstalkers. Headphones for the noise campaigns act friendly and like your obvious to there tactics. This reminds me of an episode of South Park when Kyle & Stan decide to completely ignore Cartman, to the point Cartman. Misery loves company so they victimize people to follow them into the darkness. Their only goal is to get you back under their control by any means possible. The Gangstalkers (called the collective) KILL PEOPLE using EM transmissions. All too often we see the police failing to take stalking seriously, even though. Look for bright white light on your image. Be there any greater power, they will one day soon be exposed for the sociopathic monsters they are and brought to. Some 33,000 violent street gangs, motorcycle gangs, and prison gangs are criminally active in the U. One way to ensure the security of your device is. Bring the List of 68 MD's, University Professors, and Lawyers. "Sometimes it feels like you need to put up a picture of a poor lady on the side of the road selling mangos to get funding. r/Gangstalking on Reddit: I was a "Gangstalker" and I can. I was not planning to go where he was sitting, but I decided nobody is going to prevent me from going where I want. Ignoring pay camera violations can result in legal consequences that may escalate over time. Rule 2 does apply throughout the rest of this thread. Peter Mooring on the web is a blog about horrible human rights violations by secret services. 🧿 🏼😒 #byefelicia #jail #imprisonment #divinefeminine #. Beware of religious "Targeted Individuals. #gangstalking #gangstalker #targetedindividual. If you don’t find it, search for that phrase on. yeah it sounds like you need some more information on the topic. Next → Next post: Jew Harvey Weinstein and Jew-Controlled U. Gangstalkers home base 13080 ponce de leon blvd brooksville florida 34601. Then they told me to tell Australian federal police. what to do if you are surrounded by gangstalkers? : r/Gangstalking. They are lied to, brainwashed, and used as community police most of the time. The gangstalkers are following you. If you hear V2K you probably have cochlear ear implants…advanced ones…on the inside. Anyone can get away with something once. Not a great thing for them to …. 5 Signs He Isn't Interested In You — He's STALKING You. Despite the potential problems with criminalizing STD transmission, it is already illegal to have sex without disclosing a positive STD test …. Ignoring such leaks can lead to various proble. What exactly is gangstalking, and what. They want to be on your good side, because you have something they want. With all the illegal surveillance being done on me the Gangstslkers know that I need financial help in the form of work. A frequent and recurrent theme in the videos is that evidence of the gangstalking behaviors is obvious and self-evident; the actions of the people captured in the evidence videos are presented as incontrovertible evidence that they are gangstalkers. If they went through half of what you did they’d have cracked and slit their wrists. A Narcissistic stalker has no sense of boundaries, especially in the face of rejection. If you’re new to gang stalking, you should watch the gang stalkers, because you’re in the learning stage of gang stalking and have to learn how they work. 13 Worrying Signs Your Neighbor Is Stalking. We might kick the can on that conclusion for a bit and claim that current forms of AI deception instead rely on human intent —where some human is using AI as a tool or means to carry out that. We are individuals and yet we are contained within him. Same number as stasi in east Berlin. Gang Stalking and its Preternatural Connections. Keep a record of their harassment until you have enough evidence to take legal action. If hypocricy and irony had incarnations, this is it. Pay attention to a need for control. Working with suicide ideation towards the focus on is popular, even badgering the focus on with adverse recommendations to complete the deed (self-destruction is reportedly a widespread objective of this hateful crime). Their could be special apps linked to “mutualink” which is a program Fusion Centers seem to be using to organize this terrorism. The book Web site describes mobbing as: 1) "Emotional abuse in the workplace. Some handlers will ignore you and activate your wound of non recognition ; others will be interested in your work to have an influence on the way you spend your time. if you are a recovered drug addict, the word "drugs" or phrase "drugs are best" "I want drugs" will be muttered repeatedly all night. It's a cruel reality, but this is the truth: "The nail that sticks out the most shall be. März 2020 um 16:48 Uhr I am a targeted individual from California. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy. Gang Stalkers\Eletronic Harassment. Sent via Certified Mail/Return Receipt and Email 21 January 2020 Mr John Smith Dept of Emergency Operations City, State Mr Smith, It is my opinion, that you and your organization are involved in a serious crime, called gangstalking. So basically, some narcissist who's mad they got dumped can ruin someone's life for a few thousand dollars, and they can watch the video surveillance of it. The FBI told me this isn't a federal matter. However, the legal issues are far murkier. Why do they hate me so much? : r/Gangstalking. I am from Brazil, my parents emigrate to Brazil, so i grew up there, but i have to move up to Taiwan because of all this events in my life. There is actively a global Zersetzung. If you feel you are in imminent danger or fear a threat of harm, please call 911 immediately! While SPARC resources can help victims and survivors learn more about stalking, please note that SPARC DOES NOT PROVIDE DIRECT SERVICES TO VICTIMS OF STALKING. Law Enforcement and Stalking: How Law Enforcement Identifies. Gangstalking: A Stealthy Form of Lethal Bullying. The website would have to have some rules to try and minimize the trolling. But the first thing in the mornin…. Raising awareness about gangstalking means helping the unaware public…. My advice: Move out of your parents house somehow. That's just one source of payment in professional stalking. Understanding the Consequences of Ignoring Pay Camera Violations. You just need to walk tall, know that they are powerless if your mind doesn’t allow in their games and to ignore them. I came to (The Garden Island newspaper) to inform people of my situation that I am in so as to help me and others. Gang stalking, also written as gangstalking or gang-stalking, refers to a person being followed, harassed, or victimized by others. If you're being gang stalked than they'll follow wherever you plan on relocating. Because stalking may precede violent crimes against persons or property. Depending on how bad it is for you, symptoms can include nausea, gas, bloating,. Immortal, that's why they have to fake their death, play other characters, and plan for centuries. These Gangstalkers know no constitutional rights of due process or civility other than imagined self absorbed heroism of themselves with a vigilante imagined and cooked up purpose bent on the destruction of a target who is clearly innocent of any crime. 2) Rebecca Brewer, studied Geology at Kansas State University. When this occurs, the victim can be driven to take extreme measures since the harassment seems to be coming from all angles. Depending on whether you're being electronically harassed with #DEWs (direct energy weapons), use conductive copper tape on the inside of a baseball cap as EMF shielding …. In today’s digital age, security should be a top priority for every device owner. they'll run you through a program but it eventually ends. Gangstalkers tend to smear campaign, backstab, gaslight, poison, electronic harassment, and manipulate you're environment and do 24/7 monitoring and sabotage and make every bitch move and play clown good cop bad cop and give you suggestions and subliminal messages and set traps together with the police and play the victim. They rely on your energy to survive and when you don't pay any attention to them they will go away. Gangstalkers only play the game If you play their game they will continue levelling up the difficulty. Being a "true TI" just means you are really targeted. There Isn't Any God (Acoustic) A series of disturbing acoustic …. I tried to ignore it and thought I could grin and bear it and still make the best of my stay at French Quarter Apartments. , Proud Boys, Militias, Vigilantes and/or Punisher Fans). They’re going to try to get your attention constantly. [2] Even telling the person to leave you alone can encourage them to continue stalking you. The gangstalkers are trying to hurt you. Any "TI" who would deign to tell you NOT to ignore your stalkers is NOT A TI. There are several more APD officers that I witnessed behaving badly during other responses and arrests, and likewise, TCS officers post-arrest. Here's the most useless job advice that won't actually help you find a job. This is because the stalkerware is constantly streaming your activity to the user who installed it. How to Stop Being a Targeted Individual. You have to help me find a new one. Organized stalking is a PsyOps Psychological Warfare, harassment, and torture campaign where an individual or individuals (who are called a Targeted Individual) are "covertly" surveilled and harassed by a criminal network group of stalkers and harassers. Stalking can also be a precursor to sexual. My entire family are gangstalkers and they have constantly lied to me to make me look crazy and force me to take meds. Lawsuits begin by identifying jurisdictions that utilize or have utilized “intelligence led policing,” or “predictive policing,” and it truly was the invention of the CIA, FBI, and other intelligence agencies. Gangstalkers just need to get lives they invade yours including your private life just realize that they basically just wanna control you so just ignore these idiots. Psychology Today">Why People Stalk. Mom has so far claimed 3 neighbours are spies, so that's a total of $9000 (let's ignore the fact our neighbour was here before us). Gang Stalking Attack Plan. For people who regularly visit and write on message boards on the mind-control sites, the idea that others would describe the sites as promoting delusional and psychotic thinking is simply. Some examples of groups involved in Gangstalking include some or all members of the following: College Fraternities and Sororities, Lions Club, Klu Klux Klan, current and former members of the Police, National …. GANGSTALKERS by Rusty Cage, released 01 April 2018 1. The concept of stalking was introduced in the late 1980s to describe a form of interpersonal aggression that, although common through the ages, had come to be …. They commit all these crimes as they continue to slander their targets in what they themselves are doing. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. These types often live in a fantasy world of their own making and are not dangerous per se. Here are seven types of stalkers: 1) Rejected Stalkers, who refuse to accept the end of a relationship; 2) Resentful Stalkers, seeking revenge against a perceived wrong; 3) Intimacy Seekers, who desire a close relationship with their victim; 4) Incompetent Suitors, lacking social skills; 5) Predatory Stalkers, preparing for a sexual assault; 6. So personally don’t think they ever will stop. The following is a list of possibilities to help jog your memory and …. Gangstalkers compare gangstalking to working at McDonald's and say lol a lot, their job is to be a clown, like the ones in Switzerland you can pay to stalk and harass people, only more of them. Gangstalkers Are Police, Military, Intelligence, and Security Firm. Someone's trying hard to disorient and freak you out. I just tried to ignore the voices and they hit back with more harder with body control during sleep. This organized vigilante justice is bought and paid for by a too large unaccountable agency bent on destruction, wallering in self empowerment right out of a C movie. In this clip you can see 3 of his gangstalkers dressed in all black morph from 3 individuals into only 2 as they pass behind a car. I have evidence against civilian suspects, 2 of whom confessed; APD has yet to question them! Doing so would solve this case! APD Case # 17-8002267, 18-8002268, & 18-8002270. (NASDAQ:KSCP) stock to “a Buy”. A Noise Campaign is an orchestrated effort to produce stress in a victim through prolonged exposure to significant noise levels. Their goal is to get you to commit an act of violence. I posted video on nextdoor asking if anyone else had heard it. Ignore them Rebuke but dont become them Dont assume accuse and slander Thats what they want Just walk on and know They just envous you overcame the world and accept that your mortality. They are regular ppl who are unaware that they are being used in the way that they are. Gang stalking – Ignore, ignore, ignore, ignore the gang stalkers. Then ask your soul if she agrees with accepting the presence of the gangstalkers: If she doesn’t, tell her to solve the problem, for example by eliminating the problem. You wonder if they are gangstalkers trying to kill you. They can't actually legally kill you (by legal and supernatural law), and if you recognize that they're real but don't do anything about them they'll leave eventually. I’d walk my dog around my neighborhood and had 3-4 different white cargo vans drive by me. Gangstalkers are not omnipotent; they take lives by thinking of themselves. 'Every breath you take, every move you makeI'll be watching you. to Protect Yourself from Gangstalking : r. The aim of stalking is to "educate" the victim and to punish her. In the past half year or so, I have finally begun to come to grips with the horrendous and diabolical topic of Gang Stalking, also known as organized stalking, community stalking, cause stalking, community stalking, vigilante stalking, organized stalking, multi-stalking, and “gas-lighting. Mind reading gang stalkers not to be confused with Locust described in the bible revelations Chapter 9. Do they get mad when you leave the house? Whenever I go somewhere I feel they always give me this “what are you doing out of the house” look. Gangstalkers obtain things from illegal sources and punish, harass, abuse and use any and all inappropriate means possible to restrict, gain control and ravage the quality of life to those they target. Theft of keys: There’s even a key Icon on most TMobile phones and Intel PCs, where the gangstalkers attention is focused by RF cues time and time again. It is eugenics (the target is bad) They need to find out why they are targeted (they put the idea in the target's head that they somehow deserved it. However, if you’re being harassed or threatened by a gang member, reporting them can help you avoid further problems. Brief Psychology of Gangstalking. A Few Gangstalking Tactics to Be Aware of. What is a gang stalking lawsuit called, and how can you identify actual gang stalking programs? In Pasco County Florida, its called “the Program. “Am I going crazy or am I being stalked?” Inside the disturbing online world of gangstalking. On Sunday, June 25, 1961, ten members of the American Nazi Party arrived at a Nation of Islam rally in Washington, DC. Investors are ignoring prospects for higher interest rates as positive price action continues in the stock market, writes James "Rev Shark" DePorre, who says negative economic arguments are not gaining traction as market p. Gangstalkers have no excuse for the "bad AI suggestions" taking over their minds because they "had a moment of weakness" they willing go with the program and enjoy doing so and seem to delight in the harm they cause. “gang-stalking” or “gangstalking”) began emerging at least 15 years ago by self-described “targeted individuals” (“T. These are your perps my darling. You assume it’s probably just a little bug or allergies and it’ll go away on its own. He had been stalking a prominent doctor in his local community, for over 15 years. They will stalk, emotionally/mentally rape you, hack, and poison you. THE CONTENT OF THE PDF DOCUMENT THAT WAS UPLOADED ON EACH OF THE SENSITIZATION VIDEOS ON OCTOBER 27, 2015, IS ALSO INCLUDED HERE FOR THE VIEWERS' IMMEDIATE CONVENIENCE. From what you describe, this actions are not legal. " African businesses that don’t focus on helping the poorest are being ignored by investors, according to Agosta Liko. If you have an old, unusable RV sitting in your yard or driveway, it may be time to consider junk RV removal. Many electronic devices can have a negative side effect on your health. Victim Support offer advice and help to anyone effected by crime, including harassment and stalking. That’s also how a mass delusion works, in a very generalized way. Each time I have ran into these people they have walked past me like I don't even exist. Epidemiological data suggest that as many as 0. You knew the who, what, and why of your targeting, many of us do not. Do not fear - I have proof that gang stalkers are being reduced to nothing. What we see is a small gang (cop, two guys) that has formed to harass the cameraman. report stalking to website administrators. Be sure to keep a clear record of all interactions with your stalker, no matter how innocuous they may seem. They are just a culpable as their leadership but too stupid to understand they sold their soul for a moments pleasure compared to eternity in hell. They believe you’ll be their slave in hell. I want to load a van of people being stalked put a logo on it and go camping we will all be a wittiness for each other that we went camping. Disordered personality traits such as obsessiveness or hostility. Get Rid Of A Stalker And Be Safe. McDowell – 52 Butler – 12 Central Catholic – 42 Seneca Valley – 7 Union/AC Valley – 51 Ridgeway – 13 East Allegheny – 14 Knoch – 13 Dubois – 36 Moniteau – 0 North Catholic – 42 Indiana – 6 Freeport – 27 Valley – 0 Karns City – 70 Bradford – 21 Mars […]. Know it probably someone having delusional thoughts about you or jealous or have some kind hate. Stalkers will spend hours planning and executing their stalking, going across town or even to other states. This is the most prevalent kind of stalking and one which can manifest in the workplace, putting innocent bystanders at risk. 46 Scary Signs of a Stalker, Common Types & How to Safely Get. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! These are just some of the few methods i've used to empower myself, and make my gangstalkers MAD. If you notice the gangstalkers are always casting images about. STOP Shameful Organized Crime Against Humanity And Genocide. I ran as fast as I could from him. More posts from r/Gangstalking. 1 – Steady Tone, near the high end of the hearing range, say 15,000 Hz. Criticism of Andrew Huberman : r/andrewhuberman. Once isolated you are defenseless and vulnerable. It's purposely done in a way to illicit immediate assumptions of mental illness from outsiders. They dont care who lives or dies. [Verse 1] I called my baby, just the other day I called my baby, but she’d gone away I called my woman and she didn’t reply I wanna be with her all the time I’m a gang stalker, baby, and I. few people ever question where the power comes from. Gangstalkers have no Authority on their side who isn’t crooked. "gang-stalking" or "gangstalking") began emerging at least 15 years ago by self-described “targeted . Install cameras by the doors and window areas if you can afford to do so. Linguistic Analysis of Online Communication About a Novel …. End all contact with the person. Not giving af is first and foremost. The post received 87 likes in six months. [–] missingvariables [score hidden] 3 years ago. Other information from gangstalkers calls the organization they work for the Network. It feels like I can't trust anyone or anything and the real isn't real, like the fake and false is more prevalent. I was targeted for helping a Filipino man by the name of Reynaldo frugoli who is a target. They are weak & getting weaker, dependent on groups, and their tongues are enslaved to. The Sturmabteilung (German: [ˈʃtʊʁmʔapˌtaɪlʊŋ] (listen); SA; literally "Storm Detachment") was the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party. s”) claiming to be followed, surveilled, harassed, and otherwise victimized by unknown forces wielding high-tech weapons of “mind control. Why Ignoring Your Stalker Won't Make Them Go Away. As a responsible vehicle owner, it is crucial to stay updated on any recalls that may affect your vehicle. Take steps to protect yourself, and then ignore them as much as possible. Do not do something rash in order to attempt to catch the gangstalkers (They could be innocent or a trap to make you appear mentally ill. Wang gangstalker interrupts my freestyle & almost gets his wig split 257 views 5 months ago #gangstalking #gangstalker #targetedindividual. ETK Introduction: Information in the following references prove that organized gang stalking, mind control, and cults are not conspiracy theories. Expose and Stop Gang Stalking. SURVEILLANCE ROLE PLAYERS; Do you know what that is?. Gang-Stalkers Are Police And They Use Doubles To Stalk And Frame Their Victims All The Time And News Reporters Ignore The Fact That Police Use Doubles To Stalk/Target People! Under cover police gang-stalk and menace and harass and batter unarmed citizen and don’t even care if the victim or anyone else knows that one of those cops is a look-a. Methamphetamine and Targeted Individuals. The children and parents become child molester drug addicts and they are turned into Gang Stalkers who park and do genital electronic harassment to Targeted Individuals, there are around 9 in new vehicles they get with stolen money robbed from T Is at many car lots in America, and they have electronic harassment levers and remotes …. I don't doubt that you believe everything you wrote 100%. I tested this by driving around in loops the other day when my gangstalkers were doing it to me and a police car was tagging along behind them. The most commonly identified victims of gang stalking report feelings of isolation and paranoia, along with psychological distress, depression, anxiety, and physical health problems. Once you are able to ignore their tricks and act as "before" they sensitized you they will lower the heat and eventually stop. Report the stalking to the police with all collected evidence. It is important to identify and report it as quickly as possible before it gets too big. Psychology Today">In the Mind of a Stalker. Money can make people do a lot of things. Change your daily routine and habits until the problem goes away. Gangstalkers wish to spiritually murder the focus on, ideally manifesting in a murder-by-proxy. While many people think stalking a child is an individual issue, it can also involve a group of individuals …. Africa's alma maters have lost track of their alumni. [Intro] Bb Eb Mm-hm-mm-mm-mm-hm-mm Bb F Mm-hm-mm-mm-mm-hm-mm Bb Eb Mm-hm-mm-mm-mm-hm-mm Bb Eb Bb F Bb Mm-hm-mm-mm-mm-hm-mm [Verse 1] Bb Eb I called my baby, just the other day Bb F I called my baby, but she’d gone away Bb Eb I called my woman and she didn’t reply Bb Eb Bb Eb F Bb I wanna be with …. They try to make you uncomfortable in your own skin which is why they mimic your actions and use a number of methods to make sure you know they know everything your doing. The Phenomenology of Group Stalking ('Gang. Could there be a property more inviting than a waterfront home? The place could be a money pit that needs everything replaced but most of us would ignore that if the view is idyllic. Guy Tired After Sex: Inquisitor Ghost Allegations: Bing Image Creator: 2023 Hamas vs. In one Reddit post, a user shares tips on how to “fuck with” stalkers (who …. Switch Up Your Routine When Stalkers Are Hiding in Plain Sight Stalkers are often hiding in plain sight, literally, because they are following you. Have your friends, neighbors, and coworkers help shield you. I think its to prevent a country wide movement and creating civil war in managable areas. If you ever have any questions about a car recall, you have a variety of options for getting the information you need. The conspiracy theory part of gang stalking is shared by many people with various levels of conviction, whereas the delusional part is shared only among those few …. GangStalkers using the color Red as a Sensitization tactic. There is a younger women here who has tried to trap an air sign she could be a lower vibration Virgo. Luckily, most of these ailments turn out to be. I think it's a message to people early on in the program. When gang stalking has been successful, the intended effects can be devastating for the target. - Sit in the back row so no one sits behind you. Talk to you family and close friends. Given the evil and devious behavior of the gig companies it should come as no surprise that people might assume the worst and have conspiratorial and radical ideas about them. They'll feed into your "paranoia" by saying they heard/saw the same thing. I also think they can become jealous of their target over time as well. More than likely 90% are trolls, stalkers and perps. Training Manual for Gangstalking – blind unquestioning …. While some of the participants’ experiences were highly subjective and personal, the overall belief system was based on malice. Their job is to to bring you down to lowlife level and make you salty, sour, angry, and bitter. They also rely on their abuse being so extreme, so pervasive, so fundamentally immoral, as to be disbelieved and victims. You have to stay strong and get away from them to regain your life. I was a "gangstalker" during the years of approx. How dose a person defeat community gang stalking? ~ Quora. Government gives police new powers to protect victims of stalking. I want to feel as "normal" as I use to feel and like a part of society, not some person who. While we make changes, if you need any assistance accessing the information on this site, please contact us at 855. Ascendiant Capital Markets raised the price target for the Knightscope Inc. Look through your books or magazines and ignore them if they show up. 3) "Malicious, nonsexual, nonracial, general harassment. Organized Gangstalking is where Narcissistic crisis actors create false flag events in people's lives. All is fair, until you fight back. Cover your webcam when not in use. The Hidden Dangers of Ignoring the Need for Prompt Junk RV Removal. 529 views (10 from today) Uploaded Dec 20, 2021 at 02:23PM EST. Stalking is unwanted and/or repeated surveillance by an individual or group toward another person. ⦁ "Gangstalkers prey on your ignorance. gangstalker perp Gene Hall 3551 sheldon rd orange park florida 32065. This harassment in many cases occurs every day throughout the whole day and …. It's one of the biggest aspects of gangstalking. Gangstalkers Talking To Me In My Sleep : r/Gangstalking. I couldn’t tolerate remaining in contact with someone. Good vibes normally create positive things 1. Is it considered neglect, abuse, torture if your fiance does not offer his condolences to you after 2 immediate family members, that you were extremely close . (I have found this is futile and leads to. Very weak people who have to form gangs to be strong. partizanik • gangstalkers just. The gangstalkers use copy and paste tactics when targeting innocent individuals. The narcissist is a living emotional pendulum. Gangstalkers do not remind the targets they are being surveilled by being overt. Psychologists Struggle to Explain the Mind of the Stalker. They use satellite tech, some form of nanotech, remote neuro monitoring, microchips etc Lots of directed energy weapons and microwaves, it's a shitstorm. Gangstalking (Gang Stalking) is malevolent. Be aware, however, that this could potentially anger the stalker and push him to violence. theft and written many letters about the stalking, hate crimes and victimizing that led to I. Gangstalking is an all encompassing term often used to describe Community Based Harassment Campaigns and numerous forms of harassment techniques (listed below), and is a global issue; often targeting minority groups, the unemployed, and strategic members of society. GameStop Moderna Pfizer Johnson & Johnson AstraZeneca Walgreens Best Buy Novavax SpaceX Tesla. As you are rising on the path, it is common to see the degree of gangstalking increase : gangstalkers are there to interrupt you and distract you since Originals are busy in. This letter stops police gangstalking. I've noticed the voices don't necessarily come from the head, but from around the room/environment. Once you are able to ignore their tricks and act as "before" they sensitized you …. ‘Gangstalking is an umbrella term describing a series of techniques utilized by a group to instil mental instability within a victim with the intent to discredit, sabotage, harass, extort and even drive a victim to suicide. The idea is a website where anyone can expose their gangstalkers, so everyone has a platform where they can make information about their stalkers and their actions be seen. Sit down and brainstorm a list of possible suspects. Trust your instincts when it comes to identifying illegal stalking behaviours and patterns. Until a group of gangstalkers turn their face towards someone selected to be one of their targets, members of society do not realize there is such an invisible group. This is the end of America’s free world. After dataset compilation begins, they can predict what you're thinking based on what stimulus/information you are receiving followed by what brain activity begins to show. Neighbourhood watch are snitches. “HAVANA SYNDROME, ANOMALOUS HEALTH INCIDENTS, WEAPON USED BY GANG STALKERS STRENGTH ADJUSTABLE MODIFIED SPOOFED GPS MICROWAVE CARRIER SIGNAL + PHASE LOCK LOOP OSCILLATING VOLTAGE CIRCUIT YES AMERICA IS HIDING THESE ARE GPS SPOOFING CYBER ATTACKS …. Gang stalking or group-stalking is a set of persecutory beliefs in which those affected believe they are being followed, stalked, and harassed by a large number of people. Matusiewicz, his mother, Lenore Matusiewicz, and his sister, Amy Gonzalez, of interstate stalking and cyberstalking, in violation of federal law. They sometimes blurted out stuff that is clear indication of their knowledge of gangstalking and it simply cannot be ignored. This is extremely difficult though and hence why so many of us TIs are losing the game. Everyone you bump into you think if they are gangstalkers. It can be as simple as your energy. Their intense hostility is all out of proportion to anything the target has done or is doing. My gang stalkers are scared of me now. It's used by cults and governments. Make sure that you file a restraining order. Criminal gangstalkers for hire (gangs, homeless, drug dealers, addicts) Spiritual gangstalkers (cults, sects, occult, esoteric, psychedelic) Political gangstalkers (counterculture groups, political activists, art and creative activists, and extremists) Online gangstalkers (trolls, brigades). Never do anything they say, they don't respect you. They will say that you look or sound sick. This system regards civilians as “combatants” and “human inventory items,” identifies desirable and undesirable groups and individuals, and deploys “electronic warfare” (EW) and “man-machine integrations” to target and remove “undesirables” in order to “master the human domain. My gangstalkers (a CIA linked group) eventually got me kidnapped and thrown in a neurotoxic gas room. And if they do, tell them you’ll contact the police if they continue. the criminal justice system is strictly under the control of a small elite who ensure that no charges are pressed against the instigators of gang-stalking. They keep time sheets of where they’ve seen me and at what time. King, 21 other WA counties file lawsuit citing state’s mental health. All the better to manipulate and control you. Hence the catch-22 of coping with stalkers: The standard - and good - advice is to avoid all contact with your stalker, to ignore him, even as you take precautions. General safety strategies: Sometimes stopping all communication with an abuser can be dangerous. He's making sure you're always distracted. The demons use these substances to chemically influence the neurochannels of TIs into dissociating from their inner monologue. I thought they might have some hand held device that was tracking my movements or something and then also relaying that information to other people in the building as whenever I get ready to go out the door I often her 2 to 3 …. They implemented some S-squad (SSSS) speakers above ceilings in places and shit I would think of. what does your gangstalkers do that irritates you the most. California is a (may issue state) so many of these gangstalkers are emboldened knowing that the majority of the citizens are unarmed (at least in theory) in public~!! (May issue States) have the opposite effect on these (gang-stalkers) as they fear of deadly confrontation or retaliation & there fore keep a distance or cease hostilities !. Ignore the gang stalkers. This article was written using excerpts from the non-fiction book Circle of Snakes How to Stop Your Gang. There are many reasons a person feels threatened by a gang, including racism, homophobia, or revenge. The more the person knows about you, the more they feel powerful or in control of or over you. So you may just be conditioned through hearing his stories to see it in your own life. This is a global crime, and the format is basically the same everywhere. Desperate to keep their child's attention, a narcissistic parent may engage in dangerous behaviors, such. People who stalk often present with attachment and bonding difficulties, embed themselves quickly and intensely into relationships. r/Gangstalking on Reddit: Getting A Job. 2) Write to your State Legislators. A stalker can remotely install spyware on your computer to send everything you type back to them. Twenty-two counties in Washington state and the state association of counties are filing a lawsuit against the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, citing officials. Final word for you, no matter what you do, Learn to filter and ignore. Gangstalkers are usually told a different story of what is happening. People in my neighborhood do the same shit; pulling out in front of you at the last second trying to get you to hit them so they can stage an accident against you. I know thier bullshit tech comes straight from hell because theys used it on me in the early 80s when I was 2 they told me my parents didn't love me and to run into traffic. Gangstalkers are trash that smear campaigns you to other trash. Then they told me to tell the army. they have 'police power', and authority to bully you. Take your bribe and ignore that anyone is being tortured to death and that you sold out your country; Phoenix, A CIA Psychological Operation Used to Terrorize the People ‘Operation Troll the NSA’ Launched by Buzzfeed Staffers | Occupy America; Preparing for court cases! (Targeted Individuals) (Stop 007) – YouTube. Why else would they do what they do. We may receive compensation from the products and services mentioned in this story, but the opini. Victims may experience difficulty with sleep, flashbacks, intrusive. Just ignore them – they hate this the most. Does gang stalking ever end for targeted individuals?. Series of reports written during my personal siege by gangstalkers. What is gang stalking Gang stalking is simply a form of community mobbing and organized stalking combined. Gangstalking forums are hurting people even as some on them try to help. 13 Unexpected Cancer Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore. They're using mobile apps and digital surveillance software. Then pull the rug out from under you and deny it. If their behavior persists, don’t interact with the stalker again and avoid all contact. But if you're an old-timer, the best thing to do is ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them, ignore them. Most of the time, you’re probably right. Third answer: "That the universe is an illusion and this illusion is working hard to stay relevant. There is no question that repetition is the key to. Not all moral questions should also be legal ones. Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in the U. Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills on Program">Former Gang Stalking Private Security Spills on Program. because if anyone can post, there would be a lot of trolls and disinfo agents posting TI's and. Those who survive a stroke can. and generally empowered people are like that except that they're not going to live forever and they're cool with their position and conscience. They have trchnology to body control you to behave and do what they. Forwood (TI) Articles: 1) Social Self-Destruction: Secret War of Controlled Chaos, 2) The Network: Inside the Targeting System May 27, 2016. Complaints of gang-stalking run from mild nuisance to severe trauma and self-harm. ‘I Helped Destroy People’. Boom out come the gangstalkers in full force they must spend 10,000 dollars a day on my ass sometimes. I know the DMV did something to my license to put a bullseye on my back. That target could have whatever religion, and may sincerely want you to convert. Takes no notice of the victim’s feelings. ,) for future court cases or criminal actions. Once identified, the attacker can be arrested. However, they end up using other people to help them stalk the individual to constantly keep the harassment going. They all said they could hear it. A couple of space travellers i dreamt up during a nap. While baby boomers may have some good financial advice, here’s some advice that worked for boomers when they were younger but probably isn’t helpful to Gen Z. ago by Admirable_Theme1722 This is a description of what goes down during gangstalking I am being illegally targeted by two neighbors who work for the CIA. But being evaded only inflames the stalker's wrath and enhances his frustration. — Dana Scully, The X-Files Fifteen minutes and a call to a. Know that most if what they do is fake as in they are told or controlled into behaving that way. “This is literally the message that the gangstalkers throw at people you. #ifunny #gangstalkers #arrive #cederwood #dr #new #iberia #louisiana #tik #tok #only #been #week. By the very nature of Avvo, you have only provided limited facts and no documentation, therefore, our response to your question is treated only as a hypothetical, and as such it is merely general in nature. I also can't get anyone in law enforcement to respond. IGNORING A STALKER CAN BE DANGEROUS While Mohandie cautions that you should NOT engage with your stalker directly, he recommends the following: be alert and proactive to protect yourself …. High-Tech Beamed Technological Sexual Stimulation Terrorism Reported by Both Targeted Men and Women in “The Program” by swuadion in Gangstalking. If someone is following you in person or frequently showing up at places where you are, take a picture of them with your smartphone if you can do so without them knowing. Geniunely rethink if your evidence is actually evidence and will the people around you actually believe you. The gangstalkers are batshit insane. Gang stalking is a serious issue that is becoming a growing problem. Why white vans? : r/Gangstalking. Take pictures of the person following you. For example, an abusive ex-husband might say he stalks his ex-wife to ensure she. don’t use the same password for everything. If there’s a common thread to the accounts of gang stalking, it’s that T. The gangstalkers in general are paid large sums of money and view these operations as a job. Gangstalking is not the same thing as stalking. What God says about gang stalking is the books of Hebrews and Ephesians. There are ways you can empower yourself to keep you and your loved ones safe. Change your schedule to make it harder to follow you. Bumper-locking is the official term and or is identical to gangstalking. the best way to beat them is to be unpredictable. “Attitude: The gangstalkers are extremely hostile, ice cold, and intensely self-righteous. Gang stalking is considered to be a civil offense. This division is most responsible for the electronic harassment). Gangstalkers are also usually tied to racism and/or vigilante extremism (e.